Tub Rotisserie
This rotisserie is my own design with ideas stolen from Joe Hall and various advertisement pictures, etc.  I have used it  on two tubs thus far and it has worked fine. It was built of scavenged materials and is a real time saver as well as a back saver.

Materials List:

1 -"hollywood"type bed frame
1 - surplus street sign-post
8 - sections of angle iron from scrapped steel shelving
2 - "lolly columns"  (adjustable floor support posts available at Home Depot. etc)
6 - pieces of 1.5" angle iron
a few bolts

The tub rotates 360 degrees as seen in the "repairs to body" images list.  In addition, the caster wheels allow me to move the tub about the shop alone while it is in the frame.  When doing "rough" work I brace the tub with saw horses placed under it and shimmed as needed. The frame attaches to the tub via existing holes. I love this thing!

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